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Friday, September 4, 2015


Yes, there is a long period of reconstruction ahead. . . .

The reconstruction of my life is the prime goal in my recovery as I avoid taking that first drink, one day at a time. The task is most successfully accomplished by working the Steps of our Fellowship. The spiritual life is not a theory; it works, but I have to live it. Step Two started me on my journey to develop a spiritual life; Step Nine allows me to move into the final phase of the initial Steps which taught me how to live a spiritual life.

Without the guidance and strength of a Higher Power, it would be impossible to proceed through the various stages of reconstruction. I realize that God works for me and through me. Proof comes to me when I realize that God did for me what I could not do for myself, by removing that gnawing compulsion to drink. I must continue daily to seek God's guidance. He grants me a daily reprieve and will provide the power I need for reconstruction.
From the book Daily Reflections

 Donna S alcoholic

 Boy did i have trouble with Step 2 which in turn didn't help me with the others steps. Basically i made it harder for myself then it is, as in Step 2 all i was to do was become willing. I said i was but in all actuality i wasn't, i still kept believing i was in control saying i did understand God.. how was it all to work? it wasn't till my life was totally out of control did i finally become willing to believe that there was a Power great then me and from there i was able to start my journey i found even with the smallest of prayers help me and thank you every day i didn't pick up and time went by and i was getting thru the steps4 & 5 i saw how i had a part in these resentments i had i got to see my defects and in 6 & 7 i was able to ask God to take them a beginning of healing, letting go 8 & 9 helped me forgives God was doing for me what i couldn't do for myself this wasn't the first time i did the step work i did them 3 times before this the difference was I was willing to believe that God couldds13099: and would if I let Him i winged it before and didn't allow a God of my understanding to work in an thru me i am so grateful today as my life has changed so much and i continue to trust God and the path i am on i couldn't do this with out the steps , the fellowship and God

 ty God Bless and thanks for reading me  

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