I started a Web Site in 1999 when I came back into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Tripod decided to block me a few years ago , so I stopped writing, posting. SO I decided to take the posts I had there and put them here. Plus new ones I found on the net and shares of my own. Take what you need and pass on the rest! Blessings ds♥

Thursday, August 30, 2012


-- God speaks through other people.
-- All recovery roads lead to the ability to love and be loved.

-- Recovery is the process of "recovering" who we are.
-- The greatest gift we can give anyone is our full attention. 
-- Recovery isn't a death sentence -- it's a LIFE sentence


-- Give God permission
-- Don't give up before the miracle. 
-- God hasn't brought us this far just to drop us. 
-- God, thank you for all that comes to me without my efforts

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Step Twelve

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 Step Twelve "Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs."

 hiya Donna S grateful alcoholic ..........from NJ

Carry the Message

P.R.O.G.R.A.M. – People Relying On God Relaying A Message

Carry the Message that Recovery Works - not the Mess

If you’re not grateful for your sobriety, you will not stay sober.

This is a program for people who want it, not people who need it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Unity , Into Action

For me without the Unity of the fellowship I wouldn't be able to take the proper action needed to change and find freedom of self. It isn't easy, but I find with out Unity we have no meetings, no fellowship,  and I would probably  be dead.

Self Worth & Acceptance

Self Worth is something I never had.....
I had a parent who told me from early on I never amount to anything
and I had teachers tell me I never measure up to my brothers. After a while you believe it ,especially when bad things happen to you and are told that's why your no good.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Special Friends

Thank you For Listening to me, When I needed Someone to hear. 
I could always Count on You To lend A sympathetic ear. 
Thank you For Standing by me, When I needed Support. 
I could always Count on You For a clear And Honest rapport.
Thank you For Being 'square' with me, When I lied to myself. 
My friend You Opened my eyes To the truth,
When I felt There was nothing left 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Resentment- my share

Resentment causes no harm to the subject of it’s obsession, but it’s like a mental cancer to the person under its control. It’s such a threat to happiness and peace of mind that the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous mentions it in at least five places. Here’s what it has to say:

“Never forget that resentment is a deadly hazard to an alcoholic.”
 BB p.117, To Wives 

“Continue to watch for selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear.”
 BB p.84, Into Action 

“It is plain that a life which includes deep resentment leads only to futility and unhappiness.” 
BB p.66, How It Works 

“Resentment is the ‘number one’ offender. It destroys more alcoholics than anything else. From it stem all forms of spiritual disease, for we have been not only mentally and physically ill, we have been spiritually sick.” 
BB p.64, How It Works 

‘The greatest enemies of us alcoholics are resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, and fear.” 
BB p.145, To Employers


 hello everyone   Donna S grateful alcoholic from NJ

Resentments is one i can't afford to have.... but I get them.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big Book pg 76-82 -my share Step 6 thru 9

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pg 76-82

Donna S grateful Alcoholic from NJ

 Starting back with Step 6.... I reailzed that if I didn't have a good connection with a higher power that I would have trouble with Step 6, 7, 8, & 9 which I did the first time I did the Step work. I didn't really get Step 3 so my 4th & 5th were half heartily, so when I got to Step 6 the second time I redid my steps, I understood I had to Pray again for more willingness. That's all I had to do and look at the defects  I had which I found in my 4th step. By now I basically knew which defects were very troublesome . I KNEW if I continued with those defects I WAS going to drink , as I almost did, as i have mentioned many times in here.  I found I had to have a total willingness to let them go in Step7.  I had to ask my Higher Power to take them from me.... meaning I had to LET THEM GO.