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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Don't be a Victim



You are reading from the book:
Walk in Dry Places by Mel B.

Some people refer to us as victims of our problems, but we should not accept such labeling. A better term for us is survivors.
Working in step with our Higher Power, we should view ourselves as capable of rising above all the challenges and conditions that confront us. If we call ourselves victims, we'll soon be inviting more people and situations to victimize us. As survivors, however, we will always learn to sail through the roughest storms.
Looking at the general world situation, it does seem realistic to say that lots of people are victims. But we must always take into account the vast power that resides in every human soul. People have tremendous power to change their conditions, and when word of this finally gets around, we'll see a worldwide spiritual awakening that will change everything for the better.
Whatever I'm facing today, I'll know that the spirit within me also gives me the qualities I need to survive.

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