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Thursday, May 31, 2012


from the book  

A Life of My Own: Meditations on Hope and Acceptance

Detachment means "freedom from emotion."  Letting someone else's behavior determine how we feel at every turn is irresponsible. Our emotions should be determined by us, not by someone else. But no doubt we have spent years confusing the boundaries that separate us from other people. Whether at work or at home, we have too often let someone else's "insanity" affect how we behave and how we feel.  At first, it may seem insensitive not to react to others' problems or negative behavior. We may fear they'll think we simply don't care about them. Learning that it is far more caring to let other people handle their own lives takes time and patience. But with practice, it will begin to feel comfortable. In fact, in time it will feel freeing and wonderful.  I will work on detachment today, knowing that in time the rewards will come.


This is a good one for me. It is one I work on everyday! I use to always let others effect how i felt. I would always take on their emotions and in the end I would be the one out of control.  Yesterday is a good example, my husband said something to me about driving directions and was yelling it so I took it on , in the end I felt like crap! The difference was i saw it and had a lil talk with my sponsor and then God. By the time we got int he car i was OK. 
Also I have a friend who is suffering so with pain from an accident they were in & also a few other things they are going through and I am trying so hard not to take it on as I did for a long period. The insanity of it was making me act like the old me from years ago. I Don't want to be that person ! 
I have worked very hard on this over the years and to get caught up once again in it is just plain Insanity!! SO I am glad I finally saw it and was able to stop it! I care a great deal about this person and I am there for them, but I am not looker living in it!
God Bless 
Have a Blessed day
unless you made other plans!
Donna S 1/30/99

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