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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My share from meeting at StepChat 5/27/12

hello ,Donna S grateful  alcoholic from NJ
 grateful to be here today
 I remember when I came back into the rooms how shaky I was not knowing how or what really to expect except not to drink. I knew I didn't want to drink anymore I had enough. My last drunk I went into a blackout and got in a 5 car accident. I don't remember any thing except talking my way out of it.  I don't miss that life!!  
When I came in I didn't understand how someone changed or what this big book or step book meant . Yes it helped you but it was all words to me but after time by going to lots of meetings and learning to hang with others who had a honest desire to stay sober and listened to the people who had good sobriety. I was also hooked up online in a fobw chat room and met people there but my only issue was I didn't find the Power greater then me that they talked about, so I kept clinging to the wrong people but I also stuck close to the ones who had serenity/sobriety.  
 I went out of state for the first time ( benefits of sobriety)  to an AA convention in PA .  I met a lot people from the chat room I went to.  I was still acting out but met some awesome people, some who are still in my life and that is by the grace of God. Over time I saw how that power ( step 2 ) was working in my life.  We went to this meeting on serenity rock (3rd Step meeting) 100's of people from all over,  amazing ,now if that isn't God working ........
 But it took me till my 5th year to see if I didn't start turning my life over           ( step3) to a power greater then me,  who I choose to call God,  I would eventually either drink or be miserable looking to others to make me happy.
 I  found people can't make me happy. I found that the saying, "It's an Inside Job" is so true.
 My life changed so much I had what they call "pink cloud" 

 I have had a lot of issues come up in recovery since then and I never once thought about drinking or looking outside myself to feel better . My first thought was to talk to another alcoholic, talk to God and pray.  I wouldn't change anything today, even with the issues I am going through right now.
 I am so very grateful and if you are new, coming back and/or struggling, this is  what was told ; keep coming ,get Your butt to a meeting.  get some #s,  peoples name in here ( www.soberchat.com)  and talk to them, ask questions,  and most of all DON'T PICK UP THAT FIRST DRINK!  No matter what! No drink is going to fix it.  But with the help of us alcoholics  and some time, YOU CAN get through ANYTHING sober.

 Many Blessings Donna S1/30/99

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