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Friday, June 15, 2012

Chapter 11 - "A Vision for You"-Share

Donna S grateful alcoholic from NJ

Grateful for another day and the big book and those who have gone before me to help me in my journey

For me this chapter reviews the experience strength & hope of how it works.
Coming in I was so hopeless, broken and desperate to stop drinking.  I lost my values ,my zest for life & my spirituality.

When I came to AA back in 1987, I didn't stick to long and it took me a long time to get back,  but in my heart I knew AA had a solution. The seed was planted,
as I saw people stay sober and  i did stick around for 3 or 4 years  before I relapsed. I  just wasn't ready.
When I did come back, I knew there was HOPE, and over time, not very long the desire to drink left me. What I didn't know ,was how to be  honest, open, and  a total willingness it took to change. Which hurt me as I saw in my 5th & 6 year how I almost picked up a drink. I HAD to change. I had to get into this book and really work the steps in my life, not just take the steps or just do the steps,  I had to apply them ,understand them  and use them in my daily life.
The Big Book  gave me a way to live happy, joyous, and free. I found a connection with a higher Power, who I call God.  I learned to trust him and help me in my daily life. I learned to turn things over to God and to let go of my old thinking/ideals. I found a new way of living and then I found that reaching out to others and helping them helped me insure my recovery.
I know today from looking back,how different my life is and I am so amazed at where I am at today.
I was a broken down hopeless drunk. I was so selfish, self-centered ,so insecure, my relationships were all broken ,my family was a mess,and  I  had no idea how to function on my own.
What I found in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous ,the fellowship and the Big Book ,was HOPE which I never found any where else.
 I am soooooo grateful to you all! as without you, there be no me.


ds 12'

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