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Friday, December 12, 2014

Show Business

"The first requirement is that we be convinced
that any life run on self-will can hardly be a success.  
On that basis we are almost always in collision
with something or somebody,
even though our motives are good. 
Most people try to live by self-propulsion. 
Each person is like an actor
who wants to run the whole show;
is forever trying to arrange the lights, the ballet,
the scenery and the rest of the players in his own way. 
If his arrangements would only stay put,
if only people would do as he wished,
the show would be great. 
Everybody, including himself, would be pleased. 
Life would be wonderful."

c. 2001AAWS, Alcoholics Anonymous, pp. 60-1

Thought to C
onsider . . . I can't do His will my way.


P R I D E =  Pretty Ridiculous Individual Directing Everything

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