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Monday, July 2, 2012

Constructive Anger- and my share

Living in a relationship with other people means that we will experience seasons of anger. Anger is a normal human emotion. It is an unavoidable ingredient of any fellowship.

Unfortunately, for most of us anger is a problem. We know that anger can lead to destructive behaviors. Some of us have been on the receiving end of verbal and physical attacks from an angry person. And some of us have lashed out at others with our anger. So we fear anger because we have seen the destruction which results when anger leads to sin. We have seen how anger can damage relationships and lead to loneliness.

But anger does not have to be destructive. We can be angry without harming others. Anger alerts us to the fact that something is not right. As a result, anger can protect us and energize us to take constructive action.

The fellowship we need in recovery cannot always be conflic-free. There will be times of anger. And when it is acknowledged and expressed constructively, it can be a good thing.


God ,show me how to feel and express my anger in healthy ways.

Steps 4, 10, 12

Ephesians 4:26-27


Over the years, I have learned to try to analyze my thoughts and actions, to discover why I think the way I do or act the way I choose. I say "try" because I’m not always successful at doing it. I still fall short some day's. Being an alcoholic I know anger isn't good for me. When i let it get the best of me , I fall into old selfish ways.

I look back over my life and see many places where I should have made different decisions, where I could have made better choices. But I know I can't go back and change anything, I can only learn from them. I see how far I have come with managing my anger, and not acting on it, but channeling it into something constructive.

What usually sparks my anger today is my health. I am pretty good staying positive, but then i have day's where i get angry and can act out on it. Again, I try not to but it happens. I DO know today what to do about it. I ask God for help and look at why and how I can change it.

I am very grateful I don;t have to live in a life filled with anger and broken relationships do to it. It is only through working the steps and working on myself that i got past so much anger in my life.

 Donna S 1-30-99

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